Join coaches John Henwood, John Trautmann, and Scott Carvin for Mile High’s 2017 NYC Marathon Training Program! All sessions take place outdoors - at the East River Track and Central Park.



John Henwood

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John Trautmann

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Scott Carvin

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Our coaches’ philosophy is to build your foundation aerobically, mostly through running, while adding cross training and strength training to the program. This is for maximum benefits in muscle strength, muscular endurance, and improved running posture. All are helpful for injury prevention as well as peak performance.

While this is a rigorous training program, the atmosphere and community is a supportive one. Just like in a Mile High indoor class, there will be a mix of levels and different goals, but the common thread is that we love running and are all training for the same race.

Kickoff meeting & social week of 6/26 - meet your coaches & training buddies for the next 18 weeks

Mondays @ 7pm, meeting at Mile High Noho & training at the East River Track
Thursdays @ 7pm, meeting at Mile High Noho & training at the East River Track
Saturdays @ 8am, meeting at NYRR Run Center for the long run in Central Park
(We provide pacers for a broad range of pace goals)

October, date TBD, sit down strategy session

Q: What if I can’t make every session?
A: We strongly recommend you attend all sessions but, of course, understand that personal and professional commitments come up. If you have to miss a session, you'll know exactly what to do on your own.

Q: How fast should I be?
A: All levels are welcome, but we’d like to know more about your projected long run paces when you sign up.

Q: How much racing experience should I have to consider this program?
A: No racing experience is necessary! Our coaches will teach you everything. You’re in good hands!

Q: Will I have access to the coaches between sessions if I have any questions?
A: Yes, we encourage participants to lean on the coaches as much as necessary, but keep in mind it is a group training program. The primary focus is on the needs of the group.

Q: What if a session is cancelled due to rain or high humidity?
A: John Henwood will provide the workout for you to complete on your own.

Q: What if I get injured and cannot finish the program?
A: We would feel terrible if an injury takes you out, however we’re happy to pro-rate the fee with a doctor’s note.

Q: Would I be able to join the program halfway through, since I’ll be traveling?
A: Yes, as long as there is room!